I work with adults who are struggling with a depressed and/or anxious mood to experience a more hopeful and purposeful life. Clients who had a background of trauma, grief/loss, mood disorder, or had felt stuck during a time of transition say that through therapy they were able to regain a balanced and satisfying life. Counseling involves digging deep, learning new ways of thinking, challenging old behaviors, and believing that you can change and grow no matter where you are in your life journey.

Perhaps you need to reconcile your faith with what feels like suffering or a string of unfair events. I approach counseling from a Christian worldview and believe that the help of a Higher Power (as promoted by 12 step groups) is crucial to healthy living. Furthermore, I am trained in EMDR—a trauma treatment therapy— that has helped many people face unbearable memories and move on.

Contact me with a secure message on the website. Although therapy is hard work, it is worth the effort to renew your joy and interest in life. You hold the key -- seek out trained help and then commit to fully participating in your own recovery process.



Counseling Focus

Individual Counseling

Depression, anxiety, stress management, co-dependency

Life Transitions/Personal Growth

Including spiritual integration with emotional and mental wellness

Grief and Loss Counseling

Dealing with death, illnesses, career/school or family reversals

Trauma (Abuse) Recovery

Including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manipulation from childhood or later


There are several ways you may contact me. Please email, call or use the form below.
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108 Topeka Dr. Suite 105 Waco, TX 76712
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E-mail: alethea@thomas-counseling.com Phone: (254) 307.1466

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